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Wednesday, 28 December 2016
Wednesday, 28 December 2016


This addon will automatically extract emails and send messages(optional) to your target market. For example, you could use it to email all want ads for 'mortgages' in Atlanta, Georgia.

Using CL Emailer Addon
To best explain how to use this addon, it's best to give a solid example:

If I wanted to email 20 people who posted in the WANT section of DETROIT with ads then I would:
  1. create a new campaign by clicking the plus sign on the ADS section
  2. Put the subject of the Email inside the title field: Car Stereos for cheap!
  3. Put “email” inside the campaign box. This is so the software knows you are using the emailer feature
  4. Put 20 inside the Location box which represents that I only want to email 20 people
  5. Put my Email message inside of the “Text Description” part of the ad: Want cheap car stereos? Visit www.cheapstereos.com
  6. Select DETROIT from cities and WANT ads from categories. Click SAVE
  7. Goto the POST section of the software. Select “email” from the campaign dropdown menu and click POST.
For a screenshot of what this looks like, click here.

A Few IMPORTANT things to Note:
1. You can have the addon just collect email addresses and export the list. Just leave the Email Body blank(Ad description section) and the addon will know that you just want to collect the emails. After it is finished, all emails will be saved in the Report.txt file inside the directory where you installed the software. 2. You can use HTML or TEXT inside the email description.
3. You can set a delay after each email is sent by putting the delay(in seconds) into the Age/$ field.
4. You can also have the CL Emailer addon target a list of emails you already have. To do this, simply make 2 blank lines after your email message and type one email address per line and those will be emailed as well as the city/category of your choice.
5. The Report tab will show the results.
6. This addon works with the scheduling feature as well.
7. You can use the email rotator list under the SETTINGS tab to make the program send emails from different accounts, but all email accounts in the list must have the same password (and the same SMTP server).
8. Input !search{keyword1|keyword2|keyword3} keyword in the ad's body to make it to search ads with only these keywords.

If you already own the base software then you can order this addon directly.

Order the CL Emailer



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