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Auto Flagger Keywords

Wednesday, 28 December 2016
Wednesday, 28 December 2016


The Auto Flagging addon is allows you to automatically use CL Auto Poster and flag other ads by the keywords or keyphrases you choose.

Using the flagged:
1. Create a new ad
2. Enter "flag" in the Title box.
3. Enter keywords you would like to flag in the Text description, each keyword on the new line.
4. Select city and category
5. Press save

When the ad will be posted, the program looks for the ads with specified keywords (they can be found anywhere in the ad, even in html source) in the specified city and category. Once it finds such ads it flags them.
If you input 5 in the Age/$ field under Ads tab then only 5 ads will be searched for keywords (It is 20 by default).
If you input 10 in the Zip/Location field under Ads tab then it will repeat flagging 10 times (It is 1 by default).
Flagged urls are listed in the report tab for you to view.
Input !flacode{flagCode=8} keyword in the ad's body or input 8 in the top left textbox for image (under ads tab) to make it clicking on the "best of craigslist" instead of flagging
Input !exceptions{keyword1|keyword2|keyword3} keyword in the ad's body to make it do not to flag ads with these keywords
Input !param{&sort=date} keyword in the ad's body to make it to get the results to display by newest instead of relevant.
You can use Proxy Add-On with auto-flagger.

If you already own the base software then you can order this addon directly.

Order the Auto Flagger Keywords


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