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Multiple Email Rotator Setup

Wednesday, 28 December 2016
Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Directions: It should look like this:
This example is setting up multiple email rotation with all GMail accounts. You are free to use your own email account as long as it is setup for POP3 access. If you do want to use your current email account and it is correctly setup for POP3 access, then it is advisable to start these directions at Step #2 to create unlimited GMail accounts to use with your current email account.
  1. Create a main GMail account where you want to answer all your ads from users(or use your current email as long as it has POP3 access).
  2. Create as many other GMail accounts that will be rotated through to post ads. Set all of these accounts to be forwarding accoungs. Instructions here
  3. Set your main GMail account(from step #1) to be a POP3 enabled account. Instructions are here
  4. Input your main account(from step#1) into the SETTINGS portion of the software. Input name/password and for pop3 server put “pop.gmail.com”
  5. Input all the email addresses created in step #2 into the email rotator list at the bottom of the Settings Tab
  6. Make sure the checkbox right above the list in step #5 is checked. It reads similar to “E-Mail list, rotate 1 posts”. You can also change the number 1 to whatever number of posts that you want the software to rotate email addresses with.

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