CL Posting Software Affiliate Program

SHOW OFF CL Posting Software & GET PAID!

The time is now for all our users and online marketers to take advantage of the #1 Craigslist Posting Software software and spread the word, for we have started an affiliate program and want to share the wealth with you.

You can now earn 15% on all sales generated through your affiliate links and all subsequent recurring monthly payments. With our average sale over $35, that's a $5 commission to put in your pocket every month.

Did we mention that it is FREE? So get on board and start earning with CL Posting Software!

Are you ready to start? You just need to use a unique affiliate link so we can detect if a customer used it some day. The link is:


With the CL Posting Software affiliate program, you have the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions way beyond the initial sale. When your members return through your website to purchase additional modules we offer you will also get paid for this too.

We have designed a system where you will earn a whopping 15% from any recurring monthly payments on our products and then if a user buys more from your links, you will earn an additional 15% when they do so.

Sounds good? Let’s do the math and see how big this really is…

Affiliate Table

Order Examples : Your Commission:
2 x ( CL Posting Software + 4 Add-Ons ) 2 x $ 34.95 / month x 15% = $ 10.5 / month
5 x ( CL Posting Software + 4 Add-Ons ) 5 x $ 34.95 / month x 15% = $ 26.2 / month
10 x ( CL Posting Software + 4 Add-Ons ) 10 x $ 34.95 / month x 15% = $ 52.4 / month
20 x ( CL Posting Software + 4 Add-Ons ) 20 x $ 34.95 / month x 15% = $ 105 / month

**Prices quoted are in US Dollars.

With our average sale being over $300 our affiliate program is a cash machine.


The CL Bot affiliate program is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. I run a email newsletter and usually have articles about how great the software with my links built into it! - Ralph
Payout from you guys are like clock work and love the fact that I can get direct deposits to my bank account. Never thought that I would enjoy the 15th of the month so much until I became an affiliate. - Christian
Was happy to find out that after years of using the CL Posting Software and it's prior versions, was excited when I found out that I could actually make money by referring my friends who are also posters. - William
Free and easy two of my favorite words, though wasn't too familiar with affiliate programs at the time. That has all changed and it's great logging in daily to see my sales in real time for CL Posting Software. - Ralph


Affiliate Table
  • We have a wide range of tools for you to use to promote out products.
  • The affiliate control panel gives real-time statistics for your commissions, which will track all the unique clicks, sales & commissions you generate.
  • You can use your commission to reduce your own monthly payments
  • You can have your payments delivered by Paypal, Bitcoins or PerfectMoney.